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Rosehip seed oil, organic

Rosehip seed oil, organic

Rosa Mosqueta (Canina) 

Body oils

Product Code: RHO0000

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A nourishing, semi-dry and highly regenerative oil, with a neutral, ‘oily’ aroma.

Rosehip oil is a nourishing, semi-dry oil that absorbs well into the skin.

It is exceptionally high in antioxidants, vitamin C, trans-retinoic acid and linoleic acid, and moderate in linolenic acid.

Rosehip oil supports the skin’s natural ability to regenerate and heal.

It is ideal for damaged, aging and scarred skin, and safe to use for those prone to oily skin or acne.

Use twice a day on areas of concern to promote youthful looking skin.

Comedogenic rating = 1

Amour Natural’s rosehip is unrefined, and is a deep amber colour.

Amour Natural’s organic, unrefined rosehip oil is cold-pressed from rosehip fruits and seeds, which produces a deep red-amber oil.

The 50ml and 100ml bottles are dark amber glass.

The plastic caps for all our bottles are phenolic polyclone plastic, which is recyclable and widely collected by local councils in the UK.

Our 500ml and 1litre bottles are dark plastic* These plastic bottles are recyclable PET1, BPA free and non-leaching. They are approved cosmetic grade plastic and protect the liquid inside against UV damage, chemical damage, and leaching.

We use paper bubble wrap and biodegradable potato starch packaging chips.

*image needs updating to show dark plastic.

100% pure organic unrefined rosehip oil – nothing else is added.

Apply to skin or hair as often as desired.

Can be used neat for acute conditions or mixed at 10-20% dilution with another carrier oil for general skin health.

Add essential oils as desired.

Do not take internally.

Patch test before use.

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.