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About Us

Amour Natural

A more natural way.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Amour Natural’s website. We hope you find all the information you need here. If there is anything else you’d like to know or if you have any or comments please contact us.

Who are we?

Amour Natural Ltd, owned by Faye and James Willmott, is a specialist supplier of high quality, natural products for aromatherapy and body care, established in 2012 in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK.

Amour Natural products are available to purchase on-line, over the phone, and from many independent stockists throughout the UK.

What makes Amour Natural so special?

We are committed to supplying the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices through multiple channels.

Our carefully selected independent stockists can offer you individual attention and expert advice. If you prefer to shop on-line or by phone, our trained staff are available to answer any of your queries both before you purchase and as after sales care. Please see our contact page.

Amour Natural products

Amour Natural offers a range of aromatherapy and natural products suitable for use by therapists, enthusiasts and beginners. The products are available in various sizes to suit your needs and budget.

All liquids are in light protecting amber glass bottles with tamper-evident dropper caps. For ease of use some products have pipettes or sprtiz caps (see individual product listings).

The Amour Natural Quality Promise

We are committed to providing you with superb quality products that, depending on the source and availability, are organic and / or 100% pure and natural. All essential oils are therapeutic.


Each batch is rigorously tested & certified. We work closely with a few carefully-chosen companies in the UK who perform the processing of our raw materials on our behalf. We use these suppliers because they perform the best quality checks for us, including gas chromatography & mass spectrometry, oxidation tests, FFA, refractive, specific gravity, relative density, and organoleptic testing.

The production of the finished product takes place in our warehouse in Glastonbury and undergoes further organoleptic testing with our in-house specialist.

Certificates of analysis and MSDS sheets back up all tests.

Amour Natural products are NOT tested on animals or contain any solvents, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, PGs and mineral oils.

Ethically sourced raw materials

We work with suppliers who source ethically traded & sustainably sourced raw materials. Some raw materials are also wild harvested, for example, Amour Natural’s frankincense essential oil. However, wild harvested raw material isn’t always the best option due to sustainability concerns. For example, sandalwood is now endangered so we source our sandalwood from a plantation in Australia therefore protecting the species from extinction.

Glass and Plastic

We favour glass packaging for the majority of our products. We use plastic bottles for the 500ml and 1000ml bottles to reduce breakages, to save on extra packaging material required to protect glass and for lower-cost delivery.

The plastic bottles we use are made from phenolic polyclone material which is fully recyclable. They are approved cosmetic grade and protect the oils against UV damage, chemical damage and leaching.

The lids on the glass bottles are HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a recyclable material and widely collected by local councils in the UK (the only alternative to plastic lids is epoxy-lined aluminium which isn’t recyclable).


We use biodegradable potato starch chips for our packing material. Place them in a bucket and add water so they disintegrate into a mush and then put them on your compost heap or in a bin. We also use recycled paper to wrap the bottles.

Recycling and upcycling

As a business, generating waste is unavoidable so we recycle everything we can. We recycle all cardboard boxes that come into our warehouse and we pay a local family business to take the majority of our non-recyclable oil drums and up-cycle them.

Can bottles be sent back to Amour Natural for re-using?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a service we offer at the moment. Please re-use the bottles or get them recycled locally.

Are Amour Natural products cruelty free and vegan?

We are animal lovers at Amour Natural, and none of our products are tested on animals. Our entire range is vegan, excluding the beeswax. We are endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation and listed in the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Where can I buy Amour Natural products?

You can shop here online, or find Amour Natural at over 600 independent retailers across the UK. Look for Amour Natural in health shops, farm shops, gift shops, pharmacies, refill shops and crystal shops.
If you’d like to know who your local stockist is, please get in touch via

Amour Natural and the NHS

We are also proud to be approved suppliers to the NHS. Our aromatherapy products are used in maternity wards, birth centres, occupational therapy treatment centres and in mental health wards.

Getting in touch and placing an order

Our office is open Monday – Friday for any enquiries and orders. You can contact us via phone, email or the contact form.

All orders are dispatched same day or next working day and all emails are responded to within 1 working day.


Please be aware that any information you have gained from Amour Natural in any format is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is by no means a replacement to medical care. A decision to use or not use this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. We advise you to consult with your doctor or health care professional for medical evaluation.