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Sustainability Statement

At Amour Natural, we are committed to providing a product range and a service that is excellent quality, affordable, and doesn’t cause avoidable harm to the environment.


We favour glass packaging for most of our products, which includes all bottles up to 100ml. All our glass bottles can be recycled or reused by the customer

The lids on the glass bottles are HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a recyclable material and widely collected by local councils in the UK (the only alternative to plastic lids is epoxy-lined aluminium which isn’t recyclable).

Our 500ml and 1litre bottles are dark plastic. The plastic bottles we use are made from recyclable PET1 bottles, which are BPA free and unleaching. They are approved cosmetic grade plastic and protect the liquid inside against against UV damage, chemical damage, and leaching. The plastic caps for all our bottles are phenolic polyclone plastic, which is also recyclable. 

Using plastic bottles for the larger sizes reduce breakages, saves on extra packaging, and uses less fuel for transit.

We use paper bubble wrap, biodegradable potato starch chips and cardboard boxes.


We love to recycle, up-cycle and reuse. We re-use nearly all the packaging material that comes into our warehouse and some of our larger oil drums are upcycled by a local caving company. Everything else – all our remaining waste – is recycled by a local family-run firm who we pay to collect & recycle our waste. Nothing goes to landfill.

Animal friendly

We are animal lovers at Amour Natural, and none of our products are tested on animals. Our entire range is vegan, excluding the beeswax. We are endorsed by the Naturewatch Foundation and listed in the Compassionate Shopping guide.

Ethically sourced raw materials

We work with suppliers who only source ethically traded & sustainable raw materials. Some raw materials are also wild harvested, for example, Amour Natural’s frankincense essential oil. However, wild harvested raw material isn’t always the best option due to sustainability concerns. For example, sandalwood is now endangered so we source our sandalwood from a plantation in Australia therefore protecting the species from extinction. For other endangered species, such as Rosewood, we haven’t found a truly sustainable source, so we choose not to sell this oil.

Organic products

Some of our range is organic, and our suppliers are certified by the Soil Association. However, Amour Natural is not certified by the Soil Association as it is a relatively expensive certification and one of our key principles is to keep our costs low so we can keep our retail prices low.

The future

Sustainability within business is a work in progress, and our policies are reviewed regularly as technology develops and more options become available. We recognise there is always room for improvement and are working on ways to become even more eco-friendly.