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Co-founder, Sales and Marketing director, New Product Development, HR.

Hi! My name’s Faye, I’m the co-founder and owner of Amour Natural (alongside my husband James).

We started Amour Natural in 2012, and my job is to look after all the customer care, trade accounts and marketing (alongside Claire).

I also produce and launch new products with James, and my most recent achievement was writing and publishing my aromatherapy book. I also make a good cup of tea!

As well as my love for aromatherapy, I’m a qualified nutritional therapist, yoga teacher and yogic life coach.

I am a passionate advocate of holistic self-care and every day I practice a combination of meditation, yoga and other selfcare habits for optimum health and happiness – it’s my number one priority.

I also love being with James, my friends, walking, running, swimming and skiing. And I love chilling out at home with my cat!

My favourite aromatherapy products are the Happiness and Energise essential oil blends. They smell amazing on their own, and also together.

I also love our organic rosehip oil and rose flower water, which I use every night.


Co-founder, Warehouse & Supply Director, Finance Director, Master Blender.

Hi! My name’s James, I’m the other co-founder and owner of Amour Natural (alongside my wife Faye)

We started Amour Natural in Bristol, working out of our spare bedroom and then moved to a warehouse in Glastonbury 8 years ago, which is close to where I grew up and went to college.

My job is to look after the warehouse and oversee the picking and despatch of orders. I also work closely with our talented suppliers, sourcing of all our products, forecasting, and managing the Quality Control, which I am extremely strict about.

I also work with Faye on developing new products and I formulate our blends which I really enjoy doing… and I’m pretty good at hoovering too!

In my free time, I love to play the piano, go running and swimming, and playing frisbee. I also enjoy gaming with friends, or going out for dinner with my beautiful, amazing wife (Faye wrote that bit!) And of course, my cat.

My favourite aromatherapy products are juniperberry essential oil, as it can really enhance a blend. I think Happiness is the best blend I’ve formulated… so far! I think everyone needs to try the Happiness blend, let me know what you think of it.


Account Manager

Hi! My name’s Claire and I’m an Account Manager at Amour Natural.

I joined Amour Natural in 2021, and my job is to provide customer care and manage trade accounts (alongside Faye). I also do a lot of our social media posts and contribute to making decisions about new products

Prior to this I have worked in customer service, retail, travel (in the Netherlands) and as a support worker for people with learning disabilities during lockdown/covid.

I live in Glastonbury with my wife and two stepsons. We have a great view of the tor which I love to climb when I can.

We also have 2 German Shepherds, 6 ducks, 6 chickens, 2 snakes and I lots of fish and shrimps!

And there is still room for an Alpaca in the garden!

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, gaming, watching TV and going to gigs, shows and Lioness matches.

I’ve recently started doing drama again and learning to play the drums.

Fun fact: I’m a massive fan of Wallace and Gromit and have an attic full of merchandise.

I love learning more about aromatherapy every day and my favourite products are Migra Calm essential oil blend and Breathe Ease, as it helps with my asthma.


Warehouse Supervisor

Hi! My name’s Emily and I’m a warehouse supervisor at Amour Natural ????

I was the first ever employee at Amour Natural! I joined in 2014 and after a few years I left to have my third child & took some extra time off after my maternity to spend time with my youngest. I was then lucky enough to come back to the Amour Natural team which had grown a lot but it still felt like I had never left.

My job is to supervise the picking and packing of all the trade and online orders. I pick and label orders (alongside Kane), and check they are all correct, whilst supporting James to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently in the warehouse.

My daily objective is to get all the orders packed correctly and despatched as quickly as possible – I love the challenge! I used to own a convenience store so I understand how important it is to receive quick and accurate stock deliveries. I also bring in a steady supply of hobnobs to keep the team going.

Fun fact: I went to college with James and used to help him do his homework, and we’ve been friends ever since. Most of my spare time is spent running round after the kids & their hobbies. When I do get time I love to be outside in the sun & I love the beach.

My favourite Amour product is the Rhubarb & Ginger candle & reed diffuser. They smell amazing & people always compliment how amazing they smell in my home.


Warehouse Supervisor

Hi! My name’s Carm and I’m a warehouse supervisor at Amour Natural.

I joined the team in 2018, and my main job is in the production & warehouse side of things. I hand-bottle nearly all the 10ml essential oils that we produce (around 15,000 per month!), and I print and organise all our labels, as well as support James with stock control.

I am being trained on stock forecasting and production planning which I really enjoy, and I also support Faye in the office, with her orders and administration. It’s a varied job and lots to keep me busy!

Before Amour Natural, I worked at a pharmacy dispensary for 18 years. I started there part time while I was at college and ended up staying a long time doing many different roles.

Fun / interesting fact: I love making birthday cakes for friends and family. I’ve made over 70 and I once made one for my niece that was as big as her!

In my spare time I listen to a lot of music and try to go to as many gigs and festivals as I can! I also love to travel and my favourite place to go is Italy as I’m part Italian and pizza is my favourite food! I’m also into gaming, arts and crafts, and watching films.

My favourite Amour Natural products are the Llme essential oil because it smells like sweeties and the Health and Travel Set, for my holiday essentials.


Warehouse Assistant

Hi! My name’s Hannah and I’m a Warehouse Assistant at Amour Natural.

I joined the team in 2015 and my main job is in production, as well as office support. I work alongside Carm, hand-bottling and lidding hundreds of bottles and weighing out all the dry products each month, as well as the monthly stock takes with the rest of the warehouse team.

I also look after lots of admin jobs including processing trade orders for Faye and organising DHL, and I do some of the bigger administration jobs such as record management and data cleansing. A big job for me was helping with the new website which was a great project and worth doing!

Before Amour Natural, I worked in retail and before that as a cook.

Fun / interesting fact: I dream about visiting Japan and until I can, I watch as many documentaries and travel vlogs as possible! I have also learnt a little Japanese and would love to be able to speak fluently. In my spare time i enjoy hanging out with my cat Minnie and my partner’s cat Toby, I adore cats! I love to draw and paint with watercolours. I also love to cook and make up my own recipes.

My favourite Amour Natural products are the Joint and Muscle Ease as it really helps my aches and I love the smell. I also love the rose and frankincense essential oils, they smell delightful.


Warehouse Assistant

Hi, my name is Ethan and I am a warehouse assistant at Amour natural. I joined the team in October 2023.

My job is to work alongside Emily and James to do picking, packing and a little bit of production and wrapping. I make sure everything you order is safely packed and will arrive undamaged.

Before Amour Natural I worked at a dog daycare where I looked after up to 28 dogs a day.

I love music and my car is a speaker on wheels!

I enjoy spending quality time with my girlfriend and we love a good night out.

I’m extremely competitive and love playing games. I also adore animals, especially my cat Vader who is rather round.

My favourite Amour Natural products  are the festive aroma candle & essential oil as I love that Christmasy aroma.



Labelling Assistant

Hi! My name’s Greer and I’m the Labelling Assistant at Amour Natural.

I joined the team in 2021 and my job is to label over 20,000 bottles a month! It’s a big job, as I do it all by hand and I have to work fast, whilst making sure all the labels are perfectly straight and all in exactly the same position on every bottle. It’s very important the bottles and labels look as good as possible! I also bring in a steady supply of biscuits and interesting teas to keep us going in the office! My favourite biscuits are Jammie Dodgers!

Before Amour Natural, I worked in a coffee shop in Glastonbury called 100 Monkeys – if you have ever visited the town, you will probably know it!

Fun / interesting fact: I have a collection of bottle caps, because bottle caps are currency in a post-apocalyptic video game which I love, so it’s just in case…!

In my spare time I can be found gaming, creating art, cooking and solving puzzles. I love travelling and last year I travelled to South Africa to visit my boyfriend. My favourite part of this trip was seeing all the animals, oh and seeing my boyfriend too!

My favourite Amour Natural product is the 100% pure sweet orange oil, which I use all the time and constantly smell of!