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The latest craze – vegetable glycerin

5 August 2023

HomeBlogThe latest craze – vegetable glycerin

It’s not new, but it’s certainly hot hot hot!

I’m talking about vegetable glycerin – the latest natural skincare craze.

And I’m not surprised to be honest.

It’s a really easy, natural, affordable way to make hair super soft, shiny and glossy, and skin soft and healthy.

To add vegetable glycerin to your routine, simply add 1-5% vegetable glycerin to any flower water. The easiest way to do this is to add 1 tsp of glycerin to 100ml flower water and shake vigorously. Then spritz liberally on cleansed skin and damp or dry hair.

You can also add 1-5% glycerin to your face or body oil and apply as a moisturiser.

For haircare*, I also add 2% Roman chamomile essential oil to help lighten my hair. It also smells divine.

Aromatherapy is amazing isnt it ????

Try it and see. 

You can see me chat about it here (1 min vid)

*for dyed hair wait for 2 washes before using, so the colour has fully set.

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