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The best ways to use oils for emotional support

28 May 2023

HomeBlogThe best ways to use oils for emotional support

Hands down, the best way to use oils for emotional wellbeing is INHALATION.

Inhalation is more powerful that you may think.

It has a direct impact on your emotions.

It’s why I’m often found with a bottle of essential oil under my nose!

At the moment I have Happiness and Energise blends on my desk, I use sweet orange or frankincense in my yoga room and I often diffuse may chang or Defence in the office.

To inhale – simply smell the oil straight from the bottle, or drop on a tissue. You can also diffuse in an electric diffuser or oil burner. For a more powerful dose, try a steam inhalation (this is especially helpful for congestion and respiratory conditions).

How does it work?

When you inhale essential oils, the aromatic particles go up your nose and into your olfactory system (the smelling system), which then stimulates the amygdala which is the part of your brain that controls emotions and memories.

This is why essential oils can bring back happy memories, and also help you feel calm, connected, and generally better.

Also, when you inhale the aromatic particles they enter your lungs and then diffuse into your blood stream, which is another way the oils can have an affect on us.

Which oils do you use to makes you feel good?

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