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Summer solstice and aromatherapy

23 June 2023

HomeBlogSummer solstice and aromatherapy

Happy Summer Solstice from us all at Amour Natural!

Summer solstice is when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, giving us the longest day – or rather most hours of sunlight in a day – and the shortest night.

Solstice literally means ‘sun’ & ‘to stop’ – which invites us to use this time to pause, and take stock of where we are in the year, how far we’ve come since January and also to look ahead to the 2nd half of the year.

The solstice is also a good opportunity for us to also reflect on what we can let go of, what you need to let die – whether that be habits, people, or situations. This letting go is important for new life to be born. You need to create space for new things to be welcomed in.

To help you pause and reflect, it’s helpful to spend some time meditating. You an also light a candle to meditate on the flame or simply enjoy the aroma. It’s also a good time to journal your thoughts and feelings, to see what comes up when you put pen to paper. I also like to spend this time of reflection giving myself a bit of a pamper  treatment, e.g., a self massage, a facemask or hair mask, and I can enjoy some more delightful aromas!

This picture is by @glastomichelle (find her on instagram) we use her photos a lot because they really do capture Glastonbury at its most beautiful.

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