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Oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil

Origanum Vulgare

Essential Oils

Product Code: ORG0000

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A powerful antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial oil, with a warm spicy and herbaceous aroma.

Oregano essential oil, also called ‘Joy of the Mountains’, is rich in carvacrol (80%+) and thymol.

It is a stimulating oil, excellent immune support, especially for respiratory tract, supporting healthy lungs and respiration for clearer breathing.

Oregano essential oil also supports healthy circulation and energy levels, and is a potent anti-microbial, used to cleanse and purify the body.

If you wish to take oregano essential oil internally, it must be diluted in a carrier oil (e.g. 1 drop of oregano in a tablespoon of oil) to help protect mucus membranes. The International Federation of aromatherapists do not recommend taking essential oils internally, therefore it is advised to do so only with the guidance of a qualified practitioner to avoid any unwanted side-effects.

Oregano is generally advised not to use on the skin. Instead, diffuse or inhale the aroma for its therapeutic benefits.

Oregano essential oil is steam distilled from the dried flowering herb.

100% pure oregano essential oil – nothing else is added.

Mix 1-3 drops with water to use in an oil burner.

Mix 1-3 drops with hot water as an inhalation.

Oregano essential oil blends well with rosemary, thyme, basil, peppermint, lavender, tea tree and cedarwood.

Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Not recommended for children.

For use on the skin, dilute up to a maximum of 1.1% essential oil. Moderate risk of skin sensitivity, not suitable for hypersensitive skin. Patch test before use.

May cause drug interactions and inhabit blood clotting.

Do not take internally unless prescribed.

Keep away from children and eyes.

If you have a medical condition check with your practitioner before use.