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Teardrop oil burner, sage

Teardrop oil burner, sage

Oil Burners

Product Code: OBR0005

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Use this oil burner to gently diffuse your essential oils to release their aroma.

Out of stock

This unique ‘tear-drop’ oil burner has a metal base and a ceramic dish.

Use to gently diffuse your essential oils.

Choose from 3 colours or have them all! Please note the colours may differ from the image

Oil burner with box

Fill the dish with water and add 3-12 drops of essential oils. Add more drops for a stronger aroma.

Light a tealight candle and place in the base of the oil burner.

Keep the water topped up and do not let run dry. If the water runs out, wait to cool before refilling or washing, to avoid cracking.

Wipe dish after use.

Never leave a lit candle unattended and place the oil burner out of reach of children and animals when in use.