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What are flower waters?
Flower waters, also called hydrolats, are the watery part that is recovered from the distillation process of essential oil production. These waters contain a vast amount of plant particles and are often described as being the ‘essence’ of the plant. They are very rich in therapeutic properties.
What are flower waters for?
Flower waters are very cooling, calming and fortifying for the skin and hair. Their pleasant aromas relax and calm the mind health (see individual listings for more information). They are used for many purposes in aromatherapy and body care, as well as being used around the house to freshen laundry and instead of conventional air fresheners.
How do I use my flower water?
Try using your flower waters as a toner for your face (after cleansing spritz onto a damp cotton pad and wipe gently) or as a body spray. You can also add a few tablespoons to the bath for its healing and pleasant aroma, or use it in the final rinse of your hair shampoo to add shine and vitality. Alternatively, you can use flower waters as an ingredient in some recipes for making your own natural body care products.
Are flower waters safe to use on children?
Whilst we recommend that all Amour Natural products are kept away from children, it is perfectly safe to use flower waters on children’s skin. For instance, a few tablespoons of lavender flower water in a baby’s bath is soothing and calming for their skin and their mood, hopefully helping them to nod off to sleep sooner!
What’s the difference between hydrolates and hydrosols?
Sometimes flower waters are referred to as hydrosols but this is not strictly accurate as technically a hydrosol applies to a particle(s) suspended in water. Therefore, hydrosols are when essential oils are mixed with water, and to help with the dispersant often a solvent or alcohol dispersant is used which can be irritating to the skin.
Are flower waters just from flowers?
Flower waters can actually be made from many parts of plant or herb, including the leaves, wood, seeds or bark. The term hydrolat is the more accurate description but it is less well known, which is why Amour Natural chose to use the name ‘flower water’ for the range.

Also, please be careful when choosing your flower water and make sure they are natural and pure, to avoid synthetic ingredients that are sometimes used to enhance fragrance.
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